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A holiday year runs from January to December. If the temporary worker starts an assignment Mid-Year then the holiday will be pro rata for the remainder of the Holiday Year. All entitlement to leave must be taken during the Holiday Year in which it accrues and none may be carried forward into a subsequent Holiday Year.

Where a Temporary Worker wishes to take holiday during the course of an Assignment, he/she should give Compass notice of at least 14 days prior to the dates of his intended absence. In certain circumstances Compass may give counter-notice to the Temporary Worker to postpone or reduce the amount of leave that the Temporary Worker wishes to take and in such circumstances Compass will inform the Temporary Worker in writing.

Holiday pay accrual and rate is calculated using all hours worked, including overtime, as per Working Time Regulations. The calculation for holiday pay is 12.08% of the amount you earn and is claimed on an hourly basis. The rate at which holiday pay is paid is based on the candidate’s average pay rate for the preceding 52 weeks worked (at the time of the holiday booking).

Holiday pay is paid to the value of your holiday accrued. Any holiday taken in excess of the accrued entitlement is treated as leave without pay. At the end of each Assignment, the Temporary Worker shall be entitled to a payment in lieu of any untaken holiday accrued during that Assignment, however this must be put in writing to Compass to be claimed. Holiday pay can only be paid when holidays are taken or at the end of a Temporary Worker’s contract.

For the avoidance of doubt, unless stated on the relevant Client Assignment Schedule, Bank Holidays are not paid unless they are claimed as part of the Temporary Worker’s paid holiday entitlement. All holiday pay must be requested to be paid.

Holiday pay is paid the same way as normal worked days i.e. weekly in arrears and will show on the candidate’s payslip as Holiday pay.

Holiday Request

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