Managed Services

The Managed Services that Compass Resourcing can offer companies within the Construction industry is rivalled by few yet envied by many. Over the years at Compass we have developed a model that allows us to offer a unique, efficient and extremely successful service to high profile clients.

By using Compass for a managed service we can build a relationship like no other with the client. We can recruit fit-out personnel on a national basis on both a temporary and permanent basis. Very few other recruitment specialists can offer this, as it requires a highly efficient, determined and committed team in order to ensure that it is successful. We have the ability and resources to handle constant and rapid fluctuations in labour requirements.

Proof that Compass has this ability to achieve such a thing comes from the fact that it has been providing this service to an extremely large UK based shop fitting company for over 10 years! The reason such a service can and does work is because it allows a relationship to be established and nurtured between the client and Compass, thus meaning they work together in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Compass can handle and fulfil all requirements on a day to day basis.

There are numerous reasons why this service that Compass offers works so well, such as:

Our Database:

Training we can offer to candidates:

Flexibility of Workforce:

Financially stable:

Our Reputation:


No other agency can offer this service to the exceptionally high standard that Compass boasts. If you require any further information or are interested in using Compass' services, please do not hesitate to contact the Leeds office on: 0113 212 2980