A large portion of the work that Compass Resourcing deals with is on a temporary basis. Therefore in order to maintain our immaculate reputation as ‘International Recruitment Specialists in the Construction Industry’, we have taken great steps to ensure that the service we offer is to the extremely high Compass standard that we set ourselves.

Each temporary candidate that is offered a role through Compass Resourcing is taken on the same journey...

However the Journey does not stop there with Compass. Each time a temporary candidate begins a new job one of Compass' consultants will call, both the candidate and the client, to confirm that everything is as expected and required.

Here at Compass we pride ourselves on our ability to seek, deploy and retain the best temporary professionals the construction industry has to offer. Therefore we constantly ensure that both the candidate and client are provided with everything they require. Here at Compass we don't just supply people to fill roles, we build a relationship between all involved parties, to ensure that everybody is happy with the outcome.